Daycare - Keep your dog busy while you are at work by sending him or her to daycare! Your dog will enjoy playtime and lots of exercise throughout the day. A tired dog is a good dog!

Boarding: our facility consists of private inside kennels for dog's own personal space to rest and relax between activities. There are attached outdoor private kennels that are covered allowing your dog to enjoy the country surroundings no matter what the weather, and stay dry! Your dog will be let out of the kennel many times throughout the day to ensure a healthy, active lifestyle during their stay.

Grooming We offer bath and blow dry as well as nail trims for all breeds and sizes. The price ranges for size of dog and length of coat. Email us for a quote!

Enrichment to Daycare or Boarding:
Extra special cuddle time one on one with one of our staff, includes canine massage, brushing (if desired) and yummy treats. Can also include outdoor one on one playtime like fetch if your dog enjoys an activity in particular.