UPDATE! NEW PHONE NUMBER! (519) 482-8000

We are located at:

81028 London Road (Hwy 4)
Clinton, ON


*Please note that we do not accept raw diets*


Recall Workshop- This is a 2 hour workshop targeting relationship building skills that will help you to teach a reliable recall to your dog using games and fun exercises. These skills will also help you in forming a great bond with your dog that will improve everyday life manners, leash walking, and of course recalls. Workshop price is $35.00. Maximum 8 students. These will run on a monthly basis. 



We can no longer accept Visa or Mastercard. Sorry for any inconvenience! We still accept Debit, Cheque or Cash!

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PETS Boarding Kennel specializes in providing the ultimate care and comfort for your dog while you are away. We accept all breeds and can accomodate any size of dog. Our facility is over 5000 square feet in size and features climate control (including in-floor heating, ventilation system, & humidity control) to ensure a comfortable atmosphere.

*We installed a BRAND NEW state of the art air conditioning and dehumidifying system in April 2012*. Your dogs and cats will stay nice and cool in the summer even in high humidity and temperatures.

Our kennel runs are very spacious; each individual dog run is 8' x 8' inside with an attached 8' x 8' outside run which allows your dog plenty of room to be comfortable. We have 29 indoor/outdoor runs and 3 indoor only runs. Solid walls have been installed between each dog run which ensures that your dog has privacy and is not bothered by neighbouring dogs.

We have a fully fenced outdoor exercise yard that is 100 feet by 200 feet. The fencing is 6 feet high and even extends under the ground to ensure that it is secure and escape proof. There is a smaller play yard attached to the larger yard by a double gate. This smaller play yard is also attached directly to the kennel so there is no need for leash walking the dogs out to the yard to play, they can run directly from the kennel! This is much safer and eliminates the risk of a dog getting away while going out to play. Also added is a medium sized play yard extending behind and beside the kennel featuring 8 feet high fencing and a splash pool in the summer months.

Pawsitive Effects Training Solutions (P.E.T.S) is a dog training facility near Clinton, Ontario designed to help dog owners improve their relationship with their dogs by showing them how to teach their dogs appropriate behaviours in a positive way using reinforcements and rewards. Our fully matted training facility is located at 81028 London Road (Highway 4). We offer a variety of positive learning experiences for owners and pets to participate in to provide flexible training programs that fit their individual schedules and learning style. Sign up for group or private sessions or a combination of both.


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