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Since 2011, P.E.T.S. has been providing area pets with a spacious, safe and comfortable country resort to enjoy their days while their pet parents take care of business.

Doggie Daycare

Your dog will enjoy a stimulating day focused on fun and safety in our climate controlled facility and spacious fenced yards rather than staying home alone while you are busy at work or taking care of business.

Dog Boarding

Our facility consists of spacious private indoor/outdoor kennel suites. In addition, your dog will enjoy playing in one of our large fenced fields many times throughout the day to ensure a healthy mix of activity and relaxation during their stay.

Cat Boarding

Each cat (or cat family) has their own private cat condo with perches, shelves, a cat Kuranda bed, scratching posts, litter boxes and enrichment toys.

Add On Services

We offer many services to enhance your pet’s stay including: grooming, enrichment, trail walks, stuffed frozen Kongs, stew dinners, games, ball throwing sessions and more.

Starting at $13.29 per day

discounts for additional family dogs

  • all breeds ages and sizes welcome
  • FREE daycare for puppies aged 8-12weeks
  • playmates matched for size and personality
  • over 30,000 sq ft of fenced play yards
  • indoor playroom with toys and games
  • healthy mix of relaxation and play
  • lots of add ons to enhance the day

$25 per night

half price for each additional family dog

  • private spacious indoor/outdoor kennels
  • knowledgeable and passionate staff
  • comfort, safety and health priority
  • healthy mix of relaxation and play
  • playmates matched for size and personality¬†
  • lots of add ons to enhance the day

$24 per night for extra large condo

no charge for additional family cats in same condo

  • climate controlled facility
  • spacious cat condos


  • cat area separate from dogs

  • multiple perches and hiding spots

  • enrichment toys and tunnels provided

  • healthy mix of activity and relaxation

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81028 London Road (Hwy 4)
Clinton, ON

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Open 7 days a week

8:00 am -10:00 am
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Member of IACP
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