PETS Boarding Kennel specializes in providing the ultimate care and comfort for your dog while you are away. We accept all breeds and can accomodate any size of dog. Our facility is over 5000 square feet in size and features climate control (including in-floor heating, ventilation system, & humidity control) to ensure a comfortable atmosphere. 

*We installed a BRAND NEW state of the art air conditioning and dehumidifying system in April 2012. Your dogs and cats will stay nice and cool in the summer even in high humidity and temperatures.

Our kennel runs are very spacious; each individual dog run is 8' x 8' inside with an attached 8' x 8' outside run which allows your dog plenty of room to be comfortable. We have 29 indoor/outdoor runs. Solid walls have been installed between each dog run which ensures that your dog has privacy and is not bothered by neighbouring dogs.

We have a fully fenced outdoor exercise yard that is 100 feet by 200 feet. The fencing is 6 feet high and even extends under the ground to ensure that it is secure and escape proof. Newly added is a smaller play yard attached to the larger yard by a double gate. This smaller play yard is also attached directly to the kennel so their is no need for leash walking the dogs out to the yard to play, they can run directly from the kennel! This is much safer and eliminates the risk of a dog getting away while going out to play.

Comfortable bedding is provided for each dog to sleep on, although you are welcome to bring own if preferred. Our kennel also features a sound system that plays relaxing music throughout the day .

We maintain a high level of hygiene to prevent the spread of bacteria from one dog to another. Each dog run along with the bedding and bowls are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly between guests. We do not accept raw diets.

Our facility is located on 7 and a half acres of land which allows your dog plenty of room to exercise. Each dog will have private access to our exercise yard at least three times daily. For those dogs with higher exercise requirements, additional walks and exercise time can be requested. Supervised group play sessions are available for social dogs. We also offer some basic grooming services including nail trims, baths, as well as de-shedding treatments.

Our home is located just feet away from the kennel so we can provide around the clock care.


Karen Wiley

          Karen is the owner of PETS Boarding Kennel & Training Center, which opened in April 2011. The training center has been open since May 2010, in downtown Clinton to start. Karen has an extensive education in behaviour modification and learning theory, as well as a lifelong experience working with animals which she applies in her training methods. Karen studied Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo and has obtained numerous dog training certifications including Certified Master Trainer and Canadian Canine Trainer. Raised on a hobby farm outside of Bayfield, with both parents as veterinarians, Karen was able to interact with a wide variety of animals from a very early age which led to her passion for working with animals. She worked as a dog trainer at Clinton Veterinary Services and Petcetera in Waterloo, as well as private in-home training. Karen uses positive behaviour modification techniques which use rewards and reinforcement to increase desired behaviours rather than punishing bad behaviours. In order to keep current on new training techniques Karen attends a wide variety of professional education conferences and seminars throughout North America. She is committed to making a positive difference in the daily lives of dogs and their owners, helping them to build a strong relationship based on trust, love and respect. Karen offers a variety of positive learning experiences through group lessons, private lessons, home sessions, seminars, play groups and more to provide flexible, customized and innovative training solutions for people and their pets that best fit their individual schedules and learning style.


Alexis Theijsmeijer

Born in Stratford Ontario, Alexis got her start in the animal field very young as her grandfather, Dr Theijsmeier, ran a very busy and successful clinic there for years.
When she was old enough to walk, she began interacting with animals inside her home and out, while growing her passion for animal care and handling. She is now 2 years out of college with a diploma in Veterinary Technology. She attended the University of Guelph, Ridgetown where she spent a majority of her time nursing small animals, working on companionship, behaviour, and nutrition for large and small animals, and even helping halter train calves for the annual spring expo there! She has fostered many animals ranging from kittens and puppies, to orphaned squirrels and continues to help people learn more about how to best care for animals! She has taken a dog body language course through Global Working Dogs and will continue to add more certifications to do with animal care and handling as she continues with PETS Boarding Kennel. 


Stacey Steele

      Stacey has been working at PETS Boarding Kennel since April 2012. She grew up on a local farm and has always loved animals. In her spare time she enjoyed babysitting neighbours and relatives pets while they were on holidays. She graduated with High Honours from Sheridan College in the Animal Care Program. While attending college Stacey took a grooming course and discovered she really enjoyed it. She has been doing some grooming at PETS and hopes to do more in the future. Stacey's love for dogs is obvious as well as her talent with them. Her calm demeanour keeps the kennel dogs stress free, especially on the grooming table. She also has a keen eye for which dogs will be good playmates with each other and matches appropriate play groups for the daycare and boarding dogs, leaving your dogs super tired by the end of their visit! All of the dogs look forward to greeting Stacey when they come to the kennel.

Regan Middegaal

          Regan has been helping us out here at PETS since February 2012. She is an eager, hard worker who gets all her tasks done in a timely & efficient manner! She works hard to keep the kennels and yard clean so the dogs can enjoy a nice clean environment inside and out! She is also wonderful with handling the dogs and cats during their stay. Regan is kind, compassionate and responsible beyond her years! Regan's speciality is training the animals. She has a strong interest in it and learns very quickly how to use proper training techniques. She has been clicker training Hamlet the pot bellied pig and many different chickens during her time at PETS. She even hosted her own Chicken Training Demo at the Bayfield Fall Fair in August 2012! We all hope she continues to work at PETS for many years to come!