Rent the dog play yard to exercise your dog - $5 PER dog. Bring a group of friends for playtime! Scheduled by appointment

Boarding Prices

Daycare - $15 ($5 off for second dog of same family)

Boarding  -  $25 per night (1 dog), $37.50 per night (2 dogs), $50 per night (3 dogs) - Every 7 nights you get one FREE! Daycare fee will be added to boarding dogs if they are picked up in the afternoon hours (4-6pm)

Trail walk- $12 per walk per dog

Enrichment - $15 a session (one on one time with your dog that is customizable to what you'd like - canine massage, brushing, trick training, obedience practice, loose leash walking, manners at the door, extra snuggle time inside their kennel)

Frozen Kong - $8

Nail trim - $12

Ear Cleaning - $7

Brain Games in kennel - $5

Treat search game in yard -$6

Ball Throwing session - $5

Bath & Dry - depends on size, breed of dog and if hair is matted 

Medication/Procedures - $1.50 per dose after 2 a day included in boarding fee (administering pills, ear drops, eye drops, insulin, burosol compresses, etc)

**Out of hours fee ($30) applied if pick up is out of hours of operation

All prices shown are subject to applicable taxes.

Boarding Features:

We have 35 Kennels. Each kennel is 8ft by 8ft. The outdoor patios are 8ft by 8ft with a doggy door between the indoor and outdoor space.  We have 3 secured fenced in outdoor exercise areas. One is 100 feet by 200 feet to allow for off-leash exercise. Another is 100ft by 50 ft with 8 foot high fencing. The fencing is all trenched in at least 1 foot underground to deter digging and prevent escape. Each dog is given many opportunities to run in the outdoor off leash area throughout the day. Social dogs may join group play sessions with other friendly dogs of a similar size and energy level. Play time in the yards is all included in the boarding fee. Extras may be added at the time of booking or drop off (check above for list). 

Boarding Requirements:

Proof of up to date vaccinations including Bordetella (canine cough) must be provided before any dog will be admitted into the kennel. If vaccines have not been done or are out of date, they will need to be done at least two weeks prior to the time of boarding in order to have proper immunity. Intra-nasal Bordetella can be administered 2-4 days before boarding.

Required vaccines:

Rabies (either annual or 3 year)

Parvo, Influenza, Distemper, Adeno, Lepto (DAPPVL) (3 year or annual)

Bordetella (Canine cough)

Flea preventative (Revolution, Advantage, etc) is also recommended, especially in the spring and summer months.

-Because a sudden change in diet can upset your dog's stomach, we ask that you bring along your dog's own food so that they can eat what they are used to, although we do not accept raw diets unless they are proportioned into individual meals for easy serving, so please send kibble, canned food, homemade cooked food, etc. 

-You are welcome to bring your dog's bed and any favourite toys that your dog has... but please remember to label all of your dogs belongings with his or her name to ensure they are not misplaced. Please do not bring their dishes unless they have special dishes like glass, slow feed bowl, etc. We have stainless steel dishes for food and water for all pets.